Kisama Heritage Village

Kisama is 12km from Kohima on the National Highway number 39. The venue for the famed Hornbill Festival. The Heritage Village is designed in a traditional fashion to keep the Naga Village alive.

The Heritage Villages is designed in the form of an ancient Naga village to give an authentic feel of a true Naga village and the experience of traveling back in time.

Kigwema the village museum

Kigwema an Angami hilly village, not very far from the Kohima town, is one of the many places, which once undergone the attack of the Japanese troupe on 4-4-44, exactly at 3-30 pm. This village was attacked by the Japanese military. They jumped over this tiny locality and in no time burnt it down completely. That very moment is still alive in the memory of the elders and in the narration of the younger generation.

Lieutenant General Kōtoku Satō resident March 5, 1893 – February 26, 1959.


The Japanese and INA soldiers entered Naga Hills in early April 1944. Viswema was continuously hit by
explosive missiles which were fired by cannons from Kohima and later on from Kigwema as launching
pads. Many people were killed and injured. 600 houses at that time was completely razed to the ground.
The same evening the Japanese forces at Viswema retreated to the route by which they had entered Naga
Hills two months back.


The cemetery is set in peaceful surroundings with well-manicured grassland in which roses
bloom in season. The cemetery is sited at the exact location where the battle was fought, and
provides a panoramic view of the town of Kohima.

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